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Information about IK Aarhus in English

As we have many foreign speaking kids, players and parents, here is a short information summary about the club and how to get started with ice hockey at IK Aarhus.


Who is IK Aarhus? Ice Hockey Club Aarhus was founded in 2008, and we have more than 220 happy members of all age groups. The club is located at Aarhus Skøjtehal, Gøteborg Allé 15, 8200 Aarhus N.


How to start playing

Beginners age 3-11

Our Hockey School starts every Saturday morning at 9:45 - 10:45. Please show up at 9:00 the first time you attend Hockey School. At hockey school we start practicing basic skating skills. We work with skating posture, balance and simple exercises. Once your child has shown enough progression, they will join our U7 team or the U9 team depending on the age of the child.

We have equipment and skates you can borrow for free, so you only need to bring long underwear or similar and a bottle of water. Don't dress them too warmly, as they usually won't freeze when skating.


Age group 7-17

After completing Hockey school players will join one of our youth teams, depending on age.  When joining the U13 or U15 teams previous hockey experience from another club or similar is recommended. But if you are willing to put in a lot of effort to catch up, come and talk to one of our trainers about how you can get started.

Adult leisure hockey

Leisure C This is the team for beginners with no experience or limited experience playing ice hockey. Please contact one of the coaches to learn more about how to get started. Similar to Hockey school you are able to borrow some equipment and skates in the beginning.

Leisure B

The team for the more seasoned hockey players. Leisure B participates in the Midnight Hockey League (MHL).


2nd Division / Leisure A

For experienced hockey players. This team participates in the Danish 2nd Division hockey league.

1st Division / Elite If you are moving to Aarhus and have played and wish to continue playing at an elite level, you should contact Jutland Vikings for further information. Jutland Vikings is an elite team playing in Danish 1. division and affiliated with IK Aarhus. www.jutlandvikings.dk

Youth teams
Christian Erntgaard
21 40 80 98
Frederik Lundby-Ibfelt
61 22 35 15
Mads Pedersen
42 94 27 62
Leisure C
Stefan Fruergaard-Pedersen
21 44 90 73
Leisure B
Anders Mikkelsen
22 17 50 82
Jeanet L. Nielsen
42 92 20 80
2. Div
Hans Christian Dormann
22 38 28 35